Rp 6.781.621,61

Rp 6.781.621,61

Postpartum confinement generally takes 30 days but why do we emphasize 60 days of confinement?
This is because the mother’s uterus contraction can take up to 6 weeks to complete after the delivery and it will be another 6 to 8 weeks for the uterus to fully recover.
Furthermore, mothers will undergo changes in body tissues, endocrine and immune systems during pregnancy, coupled with postpartum bleeding while giving birth. So, they need to get adequate rest and recuperation 4 to 8 weeks after delivery to restore the blood loss and vitality while balancing Yin and Yang. 
However, why do many mothers typically focus on the first 30 days postpartum nourishment and overlook the following 30 days?
The main reasons are:
  • The leaving of the confinement lady after the first month
  • Paying more attention to childcare than a personal recovery diet
  • The fear of gaining weight after taking too many supplements
  • The preparation of tonic soup is troublesome and time-consuming
Therefore, the【Confinement 60 Young】tonic vegetarian soup series from Food Art includes 30 bags of specially selected cooking soup recipe & 30 bags of no-cook Sourpermama for postpartum confinement.
【Confinement 60 Young】 contains all-natural and sulfur-free ingredients. It emphasises the removal of blood stasis at first, internal conditioning and then progressive body supplementation after delivery. New mothers can enjoy the tonic soup for 60 days in their daily meals to nourish the body and bounce back to optimum health.
Week 1: Recuperation Period
Week 2 to 3: Warm Care Period
Week 4: Supplement Period
Week 5 to Week 8: Maintenance Period
The first 30 days specially selected cooking soups:
  1. Sheng Hua Soup 2. Sheng Hua Soup 3. Sheng Qi Tonic Soup
4. Four Jujube Soup 5. Vitality Tonic Soup 6. Tian Qi herbal Soup
7. Womb Warming Soup 8. Liver Nourishing Soup 9. Kidney-Tonifying Soup 
10. Lumbus-Strengthening Soup 11. Dang Gui Tonic Soup 12. Blood circulating Soup
13. Ling Zhi Tonic Soup  14. Perfect 10 Tonic Soup 15. Blood Nourishing Soup
16. Ginseng Tonic Soup  17. Shou Wu Tonic Soup 18. Dang Gui tou Tonic Soup 
19. Revitalizing Tonic Soup 20. Ginseng Herbal Soup 21. Cistanche Herbal Soup
22. Lingzhi Soothing Soup 23. Ginseng Plus Tonic Soup 24. Morinda Root Tonic Soup
25. Digestion Support Soup  26. Fleximuscle Tonic Soup 27. Asian Ginseng Tonic Soup 
28. Lung Nourishing Soup 29. Beautifying Herbal Sou 30. Chinese Yam Appetizing Soup
Following 30days no-cook series (No Added Salt):
  • Soupermama 1 - Detoxify and beautify, Blood nourishing
  • Soupermama 2 - Promoting lactation, tonifying Qi, activating blood flow
  • Soupermama 3 - Uterine Contractions, Nourishing the liver
  • Soupermama 4 - Boosting immunity, Promote the circulation of water
  • Soupermama 5 - Calming the mind, Improve sleeping quality 
FREE exclusive gifts with purchase of Confinement【60】Young
  • ONE Modern & Beautiful Tote Bag (2 colours available)
  • ONE High-quality 316 Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle (2 colours available)
  • ONE Windproof Confinement Cap for mothers (Protect and prevent you from headache) 
【Confinement 60 Young】tonic soup series, making it easy for you to recover well in the two months after delivery. We are here to bring your charm back and let you enjoy the joy of happy parenting at your best.
*Gentle Reminder: Be sure to order this package 2 weeks in advance so that we can deliver the freshest of everything to you.*


  • First 30 days soup pack will have total of 30 pack. Cook 1 pack each day.
  • For second 30days, total 60soups bags. One day can drink 2 soup bags.

How to Use:

  • First 30days is soup pack that required to cook. First, rinse all the ingredients and put into slow cooker and add 3 Liter hot water. Boil over high heat then adjust to low heat for 1.5 - 2hr. You can add in other ingredients.
  • For the second 30days is no-cook series. Put one bag into thermos. Add in 250-300ml boiling water and wait for 1-2 hours. Shake well and serve hot

**We recommend to use FOOD ART® 316 Stainless Steel Thermos. This ensure that the essence of the ingredients can be blend into the soup well. So that you can drink the most natural and tastier of Soupermum and Souperkid Soup.

Storage Instruction: Freshly packed with sulfur-free ingredients. Please keep refrigerated.
Product Shelf Life: Approximately 10 months. Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.
Reminder: SOUPERMUM is made of all-natural ingredients and freshly packaged, such as fresh candied dates, dried longan, red dates, goji, black dates, rehmannia. The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content. It’s normal and please consume at ease.

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