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Points Reward/积分奖励

300 points = RM5 / SGD1.50 / HKD9 voucher

500 points = RM10 / SGD3 / HKD18 voucher

1000 points = RM25 / SGD8 / HKD46 voucher

2000 points = RM60 / SGD19.50 / HKD111 voucher

Refer a Friends / 推荐朋友

You and your friends will both get (RM35/SGD11/HKD65) OFF coupon!

Share your referral link with friends. Your friends will need to click on the referral link you shared and start their shopping there. Upon check out, there will be a (RM35/SGD11/HKD65) discount off with a minimum purchase of RM150 for your friends.

Once your friends is done with their first purchase. You will receive your (RM35/SGD11/HKD65) discount code via email. The discount code can only be use with a minimum purchase of RM150.

把你的referral link分享给你的朋友们,朋友们点击referral link 后,就可以开始购物。他们将在第一次购买时获得 (RM35/SGD11/HKD65) 折扣(需消费RM150以上才可使用)。

朋友使用你的referral link消费之后,你也将通过email获得你的 (RM35/SGD11/HKD65) 折扣券(需消费RM150以上才可使用)

FAQ / 常问问题

You can earn points on any products purchased at Wonderliv Food Art (Official Website, Retail Shop, Official FB Page, Official WhatApps), points are rewarded automatically on the total amount of the receipt. Except other platform such as Shopee, Lazada.

您可以在Wonderliv Food Art (官方网站,店面,官方面子书,官方WhatApps) 购买的任何产品上赚取积分,积分将自动根据收据总额进行奖励。除了Shopee、Lazada等其他平台。

Yes you can, but first you will need to register an account with us at the official website. Then, you may provide us your email address when you place order via WhatApps or FB Messenger or store. However, you only be able to check your points status and redeem rewards once you log into your account at website.

是的,您可以,但是首先,您需要在官方网站上注册一个帐户。当您通过WhatApps或FB Messenger或商店下单时,可以向我们提供您的电子邮件地址。但是,只有再登录网站帐户后,您才能查看积分状态并兑换奖励。

Almost in no time! You will receive the points once payment is made.


Contact our support team at or WhatApps +65 90037720. We will sort it out as soon as possible.

您可以发邮件到 或 WhatApps +65 90037720与我们的支持团队联系。我们将尽快对其进行整理。

We would love to help if you are still struggling, please contact our support team at or WhatApps us at +65 90037720.

您可以发邮件到 或 WhatApps +65 90037720与我们的支持团队联系。我们将尽快对其进行整理。

Firstly, you can add your birthdate into the reward system. The points will be rewarded once a year on your birthday. Also, points are NOT issued when the time you enters your birthday. Please take note that you will not get rewarded points for birthday this year if you enter a date that is in the next 30 days. They will be rewarded the following year on that date.


** Wonderliv Sdn Bhd reserves the right to reject any voucher deemed forged.

** Wonderliv Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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