Soupermum Lung Nourishing || 速宝妈【清,调,补】润肺汤

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Soupermum 速宝妈免煮汤包



(一)清肺解毒汤 - 帮助清理体内有害毒素,增进气血循环
(二)调理保健汤 - 帮助调节脏腑功能, 增强免疫力。
(三)补肺滋润汤 –健脾润肺,滋润补气



1.    免煮即饮
2. 无化学味素
3. 真空包装
4. 不含硫磺
5. 纯素食
6. 独有的天然调味
7. 无须添加食材
8. 独配原味
9. 简单方便


Creating Soup of Art
Embrace taste of Heart

Product Overview

Soupermum Instant Soup Bag

An innovative concept with a natural concentrated formula of herbal Soup. It’s just so convenient to make our life easier and yet healthy every day.

Go green, go vegetarian, and go for no-cook.


  1. Souper Detox– Clean up toxins from the body and improve blood circulation
  2. Souper Immune- Restore your energy, strengthen the body
  3. Souper Nourish- Moistens the lungs and improve the respiratory system

Features of Soup of Art

  1. No cooking needed
  2. No artificial flavoring
  3. Hygienic vacuum packaging
  4. Sulfur-free
  5. Vegan friendly
  6. Unique natural seasoning
  7. Not required to add ingredients
  8. Unique original flavor
  9. Simple and convenient


What's Included: 

2 x Souper Detox

2 x Souper Immune

2 x Souper Nourish


Net Weight: (15g per pack) x 6

Note: Please avoid soup of detox for pregnant woman


Soupermum Lung Nourishing || 速宝妈【清,调,补】润肺汤