Brain Tonifying Soup || 益脑养神汤

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所以补充脑部的营养也很重要 ‼️

之艺- 益脑养神汤就是专为见健脑按神而配的食物疗养生汤。



1. 无化学味素
2. 真空包装
3. 不含硫磺
4. 纯素食
5. 独有的天然调味
6. 无须添加食材
7. 独配原味
8. 简单方便

份量:4 - 6 人
Nowadays, peoples are having a common problem of facing stress and pressure, especially those who lives in the city including adults, elderly and even children. 🤢

This can be bad 🙅🏻‍♀️, not only for the body but also for the brain which can be often lead to mental discomfort, poor memory and inability to concentrate. Therefore, it’s important to always keep our brains well-nourished. 🧘🏻‍♀️

The Brain Tonifying Herbal Soup is a unique recipe to help keeping our brain healthy and calm our hearts. In this soup, we have put added morel which riches with the nutrients that our body needs. It helps to strengthen the kidneys and boosting our immune system.

Features of Soup of Art

  1. No artificial flavoring
  2. Hygienic vacuum packaging
  3. Sulfur-free
  4. Vegan friendly
  5. Unique natural seasoning
  6. Not required to add ingredients
  7. Unique original flavor
  8. Simple and convenient
Serving Size: 4 -6 person
Soup of Art❤️Taste of Heart


Brain Tonifying Soup || 益脑养神汤
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