Signature Spread Bundle || 招牌素食抹酱配套


为了回馈大家的支持, 我们现已推出抹酱配套哦。

🔥 任选2️⃣罐只需 RM60 **节省RM5.80**

🔥 任选3️⃣罐只需 RM88 **节省RM10.70**





主要成份: 精选榛子,杏仁,黑巧克力,可可粉,泡芙米和喜马拉雅岩盐。



主要成份:  精选南瓜籽,特级杏仁,优质葵花籽油和100%純蜂蜜。



Since the launching day, Food Art's natural, healthy and super delicious spread has received a lot of good reviews. 🤩

Therefore, we are now have Spread bundle for all of you❗️

🔥 Choose any 2️⃣ jar for RM60 **SAVE RM5.80**

🔥 Choose any 3️⃣ jar for RM88 **SAVE RM10.70**

🌿 Cheesy Yeasy Spread 

Ingredients: Selected Cashew Nuts, Chickpeas, Nutritional Yeast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apple Cider, Oregano, Thyme and Himalaya Rock Salt

Net Weight: 180g

🌿 Hazmond Chocrunch Spread 

Ingredients: Selected Hazelnuts, Almond, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Puff Rice and Himalaya Rock Salt 

Net Weight: 180g

🌿 Pumpkin Seed' Mond Chunk Spread

Ingredients: Selected pumpkin seeds, premium almonds, high-quality sunflower oil and 100% pure honey.

Net Weight: 180g

Signature Spread Bundle || 招牌素食抹酱配套
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