Gold Plus Multigrain Instant Beverage (EXP: 1 Jan 2021)

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Product Overview


In line with the concept of a healthy diet, FOODART® Gold Plus Multigrain Instant Beverage is formulated by combining over ten healthy ingredients that provide the human body with essential nutrients for a day. The addition of lutein plays the role of “the eye vitamin” to prevent relevant eye diseases. Also with the addition of oligo, it aids in the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria.

Serving Suggestion: Serve hot or cold based on your preference. It can be your breakfast to kick start your day or even a teatime favorite to refresh your mind!

Net Weight: 25g x 12 sacs

Product Features

Multigrains: Protein, Fiber, Vitamin B & Macro Minerals

Lutein: Beta-carotene & Vitamin A

Oligo: Food For Good Bacteria, Diabetic-friendly

Chia Seed: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Nutritional Information

Gold Plus Multigrain Instant Beverage (EXP: 1 Jan 2021)