Coconut Bentong Ginger Instant Beverages 600g

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Give yourself an instant perk with our refreshing coconut drink, infused with the spicy zing of premium Bentong ginger. A combination of these 2 products enables the body to reach a balance and harmony.


Our ginger is farmed purely in a soilless environment: free from heavy metal and water pollution, which means residue-free ginger and eliminates the need for deforestation and excessive land clearing.


Benefits of coconut water, 椰水的功效是什么?
Here are some known health benefits facts about coconut water:

  • Good source of nutrients / 良好的营养来源
  • Coconut water for hydration / 补水
  • Improves digestion / 改善消化
  • Antioxidant properties / 具有抗氧化性能


Benefits of ginger, 文冬姜的好处是什么?
Studies have shown that ginger helps to improve:

  • Intestinal absorption of nutrients / 帮助肠道吸收营养
  • Digestive process / 帮助消化
  • Blood circulation / 促进血液循环
  • Stress and tension / 舒缓压力


Net weight: 600g


Serving suggestion:

  • Serve hot or cold as a drink 


Coconut Bentong Ginger Instant Beverages 600g