B23821 【香聚宝】|【XiangGBao Reunion】

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 食之艺新年素食礼盒, 无论从包装到礼品的配搭,都是经过精挑细选,再华丽呈现给各位。




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There is no greater blessing than good health.

Come join us in delivering warm and sincere wishes to your loved ones during this Chinese New Year by sharing a gift of health from Food Art.

A thoughtful gift pack from Food Art brings you and your family a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year! 

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🔎详细 / Details

份量: 8 - 10 人

Serving Size: 8 - 10 person

礼篮尺寸 / Hampers Dimension: 39cm x 10cm x 31.5cm (L x H x W)


1. 香聚一汤 - 57克 x 2包

Xiang G E Tang - 57g x 2 pack

2. 特级花菇 - 90克

Premium Shiitake Mushroom - 90g

3. 精选特级姬松茸巴西蘑菇 25克

Premium Agaricus Blazei Matsutake Mushroom - 25g

4. 精选特级红菇 - 15克

Premium Russula Sanguinaria - 15g

5. 精选素鱼翅 - 20克 

Selected Vegetarian Sharkfin - 20g

6. 精选特级猴头菇 - 50

Premium Lion Mane Mushroom - 50g

7. 精选特级发菜 - 10克

Selected Premium Fat Choy - 10g

8. 精选特级无硫磺孢子头金虫草 - 80克

Sulfur Free Premium Spore Head Cordyceps Sinensis - 80g

9. 精选特级绣球耳 - 78g

Sulfur Free Selected Tremella - 78g

10. 包装与装饰
Packaging & Deco 


**Should a product be out of stock it shall be replaced with another of the same value


**Kindly take note that due to delivery constraint, for order to Singapore and oversea, the Xiang G Bao Reunion Soup Box Packing will be as below.



B23821 【香聚宝】|【XiangGBao Reunion】