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食之艺新年素食礼盒, 无论从包装到礼品的配搭,都是经过精挑细选,再华丽呈现给各位。




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There is no greater blessing than good health.

Come join us in delivering warm and sincere wishes to your loved ones during this Chinese New Year by sharing a gift of health from Food Art.

A thoughtful gift pack from Food Art brings you and your family a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year! 

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🔎详细 / Details

礼篮尺寸 / Hampers Dimension:  30cm x 13cm x 21.5cm(L x H x W)


1. 速宝妈-乌发养颜汤饮 - 2 袋
Soupermum Soup of Revitalizing - 2 sachet
2. 速宝妈-益脑养神汤饮 2 袋
Soupermum Soup of Tonifying - 2 sachet 
3. 速宝妈-好享睡汤饮 2 袋
Soupermum Good9 Soup - 2 sachet 
4. 有机自然风干南瓜籽 - 100
Organic Natural Dried Pumpkin Seed  - 100g
5. 四色面线 - 300克
4-Colour Mee Suah - 300g
6. 榴莲甜点 - 10颗
Durian Sweeties - 10pcs
7. 包装与装饰
Packaging & Deco 


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