Bentong Ginger Molasses 文冬姜母茶

RM 25.90

RM 25.90


  • 有助祛寒暖胃
  • 增進食慾
  • 緩解腹痛
  • 增强身體免
  • 散瘀活血
  • 利腸通便
Food Art【Bentong Ginger Molasses】
  • Traditionally relieve stomach-ache
  • Help to increase appetite & relieve pain
  • Enhance body immune system
  • Intestinal movement


Ingredients: Bentong Ginger, Molasses.

净重: 343克 /包 (10颗)
Net weight: 343g / pack (10pcs)

使用方法: 将一颗放入水中,加入150-200毫升的沸水水(甜度请依个人口味自行调整),静待3-5分钟并搅拌,即可享用。

How to Use: Put one cube into a cup. Add 150-200ml of boiling water. Adjust to one's taste. Stir and wait for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy.

储存方式: 保存在阴凉干燥的地方。避免阳光直射。建议冷藏。
产品保质期: 请参阅包装背面以了解确切的有效期。

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.Suggest to cold storage.
Product Shelf Life: Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.

Bentong Ginger Molasses 文冬姜母茶
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