Ba Kut Teh
Ba Kut Teh is a Chinese herbal soup with Dong Gui known for its warming properties. It is popularly eaten in Malaysia. In the old days, the herbal mix can only be purchased at the Chinese “medicine shop”. However, you can now enjoy Food...
Turmeric Multigrain Soup
Turmeric Curcumin Multigrain & Seeds ON-THE-GO SOUP A delicious Curcumin Soup that combine of 16 kinds of grains and seeds. All ready in just 5 minutes! 🔸 Special formula made with 16 kinds of whole wheat and seeds Rich in...
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Kelp Bud Mix Vege Yeast Congee
Food Art【Non-Cook Kelp Bud Mix Vege Yeast Congee】will make you fall in love with it within 5 minutes! Thick and fragrance rice porridge with fresh and tasty dehydrated vegetables and match with healthy nutritional yeast as seasoning will definitely make...
from $3.00
Smoke Mushroom BBQ
【Mushroom Smoke BBQ】has perfectly interprets the meat with vegan food!With the latest technology to extract soy protein, it consists of high protein, low fat and no cholesterol. 100% using high-quality non-genetically modified soybeans and no palm oil。 It Vegan! Absolutely...
Sour Hot Tom Yam Dry Organic Ramen
Food Art healthy and delicious【Vegetarian Sour Hot Dry Organic Ramen】Organic wheat flour noodles match with our unique recipe sauce. The sour, spicy and fragrant taste with stimulate your taste buds bite bit by bit. Feature Chewy bite air-dried noodles, with...
from $8.00
Curry Organic Ramen Soup
Food Art【Organic Curry Ramen Soup】The smooth organic ramen is paired with a rich spicy curry soup. The aroma of pure curry may have already exploded your appetite when it was served HOT. We ensure that you will enjoy this noodle...
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4-Color Mee Suah
Food Art 4-Color Mee Suah consists of 4 different flavor which are Beetroot, Spinach, Pumpkin and Chia Seed providing a good source of vitamin and iron to the human body. FEATURES  Beetroot: Boost the body’s stamina and prevent heart disease and cancer. Spinach:...
Brown Rice Coffee (1kg)
COFFEE LOVER'S DELIGHT In line with the concept of a healthy diet, the specialty of Food Art Brown Rice Coffee Instant Beverage is the addition of brown rice into the coffee. Such combination is contributing to lower the acidity of...
Chocomillet Cereal (1kg)
TIPS TO RAISE A WHOLESOME KID In line with the concept of a healthy diet, Food Art ChocoMillet Cereal Instant Beverage includes millet and cocoa powder as the main ingredients.  Millet is well-known for its uniquely high content of nutrients...
Season Herbal Brown Rice (1kg)
GREAT HELPER FOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH In line with the concept of a healthy diet, Food Art Season Herbal Brown Rice Instant Beverage is formulated by combining Traditional Chinese Herbs, “Si Shen” with brown rice. It helps in strengthening the digestion...
Teh Tarik (1kg)
ASIAN LOCAL DELIGHT Food Art Teh Tarik is specially formulated for the authentic taste of the local’s favorite beverage. It is a smooth, creamy, frothy, luscious beverage of which you will cherish every sip during your tea time.
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