Soursop with Chia Seeds Juice

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Omega 3 Booster
Soursop is one of the high nutritional density fruits, especially rich in vitamin C and vitamin B. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties have been used in the street relieving strategy for centuries and may fight cancer;
Chia Seeds that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants may help to fight depression and lower the risk of heart diseases.
  • White chia seeds for omega-3 acids, protein, fiber and calcium
  • Flavonoids, alkaloids found in soursop extracts have shown to reduce blood sugar levels
  • Contains soursop pulp and white chia seeds
  • Less than 100 calories per serving
  • Fat free and vegan-friendly
  • Free from concentrates, artificial coloring, and flavorings

Soursop 是一种高营养密度的水果,尤其富含维生素C和维生素 B。
富含 omega-3 脂肪酸和抗氧化剂的奇亚籽有助于对抗抑郁症并降低患心脏病的风险。

  • 用于omega-3、蛋白质、纤维和钙的白色奇亚籽
  • 刺果番荔枝提取物中发现的黄酮类、生物碱已显示可降低血糖水平
  • 新鲜果肉多,含可增加健康脂肪的奇亚籽
  • 高纤维,营养多面,适合素食主义
  • 使用天然甜度原料甜菊叶,不含白砂糖
  • 低卡0脂肪无浓缩剂,不增胖
  • 每盒4袋,每袋可冲1杯超级果汁
  • 建议每日享用1-2杯
Nutrition Facts / 营养成分:
Energy 25kcal
Cholesterol  0g
Potassium 26mg
Total Fat 0g
Sodium  0mg
Carbohydrates 6g
Protein 0g
Iron 50mcg
Magnesium 1610mcg
Certification: ISO 22000:2005 , Halal Jakim

净重: 60克 X 4包

Net weight: 60g x 4 bags

使用方法: 在杯子里倒入200-250毫升的温水, 加入一袋Doki,搅拌均匀便可食用。

How to Use: Pour 200-250ml of water into the cup, add in 1 sachet Doki, stir well and serve.

储存方式: 保存在阴凉干燥的地方。避免阳光直射。

产品保质期: 请参阅包装背面以了解确切的有效期。

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Product Shelf Life: Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.

Soursop with Chia Seeds Juice
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