Ba Kut Teh 素古茶
Ba Kut Teh is a Chinese herbal soup with Dong Gui known for its warming properties. It is popularly eaten in Malaysia. In the old days, the herbal mix can only be purchased at the Chinese “medicine shop”. However, you can now enjoy Food...
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Pepper Herbs Warming Soup 砂胡椒健脾暖汤
胡椒大部分都生长于高温和长期湿润地区,性味辛热,因此温中散寒止痛的作用比较强。 尤其是砂拉越胡椒,特别香辣。一般的胡椒汤能祛腥、解油腻,助消化及增加食欲。 而食之艺独配的【砂胡椒健脾汤】是与众不同的。我们配搭了药材和猴头菇,因此,除了健脾暖胃,帮助消化及增加食欲,还可以温中散寒,消炎解毒。 对于脾胃虚寒,四肢不温,形寒怕冷及容易疲累的人,非常有效。而且味道很浓很香,很开胃。 特色: 无化学味素 真空包装 不含硫磺 纯素食 独有的天然调味 无须添加食材 独配原味 简单方便 Majority of the peppers grow under high temperature and humid weather. They mostly have a spicy and pungent taste especially the Sarawak pepper. This kind of pepper...
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