Tamarind Pineapple with Turmeric Juice

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Digestive Booster 
GOOD AS GOLD. The perfect cure to post-meal bloats. We're bringing back a popular seasonal flavor with a brand new and improved formula!
Our Tamarind Pineapple with Turmeric puree is sweet, sour and made from tamarind pods and juicy pineapples. Expect an ayuvedic delight with added turmeric powder to aid digestion and reduce inflammation.
  • 100% pure turmeric to restore digestive system and potentially improve symptoms of arthritis
  • Tamarind acts as a gentle laxative that helps boost digestion by stimulating gastric juices
  • Contains pineapple bits
  • Less than 100 calories per serving
  • Fat free and vegan-friendly
  • Free from concentrates, artificial coloring, and flavorings


  • 100% 纯姜黄可恢复消化系统并可能改善关节炎症状
  • 罗望子可以通过刺激胃液来帮助促进消化
  • 含有机黄姜,能清热解毒和抗炎
  • 亚叁加凤梨酸酸甜甜,营养多面,适合素食主义
  • 使用天然甜度原料甜菊叶,不含白砂糖
  • 低卡0脂肪无浓缩剂,不增胖
  • 每盒4袋,每袋可冲1杯超级果汁
  • 建议每日享用1-2杯
Nutrition Facts / 营养成分:
Energy 32kcal
Cholesterol  0g
Potassium 44mg
Total Fat 0g
Sodium  2mg
Carbohydrates 8g
Protein 0g
Iron 80mcg
Magnesium 1498mcg
Certification: ISO 22000:2005 , Halal Jakim

净重: 60克 X 4包

Net weight: 60g x 4 bags

使用方法: 在杯子里倒入200-250毫升的温水, 加入一袋Doki,搅拌均匀便可食用。

How to Use: Pour 200-250ml of water into the cup, add in 1 sachet Doki, stir well and serve.

储存方式: 保存在阴凉干燥的地方。避免阳光直射。

产品保质期: 请参阅包装背面以了解确切的有效期。

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Product Shelf Life: Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.

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