Smoke Mushroom BBQ 纯素香菇腊味干


  • 100%採用優質非基因改造大豆,不含棕櫚油。
  • 全素!絕對不含蛋、奶、五辛、或任何動物製品。


【Mushroom Smoke BBQ】has perfectly interprets the meat with vegan food!
With the latest technology to extract soy protein, it consists of high protein, low fat and no cholesterol.

  • 100% using high-quality non-genetically modified soybeans and no palm oil。
  • It Vegan! Absolutely no eggs, milk, or any animal products.
The packaging is light, and you can eat the super-large sliced Mushroom Smoke BBQ as soon as you tear it open! Besides eating it as a snack, it can also be used as a cold dish, to make sandwiches and hamburgers!
Now there are "spicy" and "original" flavors for everyone to choose!

材料: 小麥纤维, 大豆纤维(非基因改造), 花菇纤维, 樹薯淀粉, 大豆油, 糖, 盐和紅麴

Ingredients: Textured Wheat Protein, Mushroom Fibre, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Red Yeast

净重: 100克/包

Net weight: 100g/pack

使用方法: 打开包装后,可以直接吃。也可以参考视频里的食谱

How to Use: Ready to eat. Or can refer to the video for more recipe

储存方式: 保存在阴凉干燥的地方。避免阳光直射。

产品保质期: 请参阅包装背面以了解确切的有效期。

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Product Shelf Life: Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.

Smoke Mushroom BBQ 纯素香菇腊味干
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