Soupermum Bundle of 5

RM 240.00 RM 228.00

RM 228.00


Rich in more than 8 ingredients that are beneficial to the body, especially for women. Regular drinking after menstruation helps regulate the menstrual flow, reduce physical discomfort, lighten the skin and boost energy


A natural formula herbal soup that promotes not only fat burning and detoxification, but also boosts body metabolism to achieve slimming effect.

3. GOOD 9 

Formulated for mind calming and body nourishing. Regulating the body and mind to improve your sleep quality. You will feel relaxed naturally and break free from the stress! The soup is made out of all-natural ingredients to solve the problems of sleeplessness.


Nourishing the spleen and liver, strengthening the kidneys and bones and increasing the blood circulation. Shou Wu herbs traditionally helps provide vitality to the body while maintaining healthy hair.


Skin regeneration requires detoxification of the body. The soup is excellent at detoxifying, regulating and nourishing the body. It fundamentally solves skin problems and anti-aging. 


This soup has a mellow and delicious taste. It nourishes the liver and reducing body heat. Regular drinking can improve eyesight and prevent eyestrain. It is suitable for office workers who tend to stay up late and overuse their eyes as well as the elderly who are often feeling dizzy and having poor eyesight.


A unique recipe formulated to keep our brain healthy and relaxed. What is more, it strengthens the kidneys and boosts immunity.

Normal Pack: 6 bags/Pack

How to Use: Put one bag into thermos. Add in 250-300ml boiling water and wait for 1-2 hours. Shake well and serve hot.
**We recommend to use FOOD ART® 316 Stainless Steel Thermos. This ensure that the essence of the ingredients can be blend into the soup well. So that you can drink the most natural and tastier of Soupermum and Souperkid Soup.

Storage Instruction: Recommended to refrigerate or keep in a cool dry place after opening.
Product Shelf Life: Approximately 10 months. Refer to the back of the packaging for the exact expiry date.
Reminder: SOUPERMUM is made of all-natural ingredients and freshly packaged, such as fresh candied dates, dried longan, red dates, goji, black dates, rehmannia. The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content. It’s normal and please consume at ease.
**Disclaimer: Individual result may vary.

Soupermum Bundle of 5
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