SouperKid Healthy Appetite Soup || 速宝儿开胃健脾汤

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🔥【免煮速宝儿-开胃健脾汤】, 专为厌食的孩子而调配的开胃汤膳。

🔴 能有效加强孩子们的消化系统,帮助消积理气,醒脾健胃。




不像一般的食谱膳汤,需要花几个小时才能熬成一碗汤那么麻烦!我们的汤饮无需费时费力熬煮,只要把我们独特配方,浓缩又天然的小汤袋放进 保温瓶 里,加上250 - 300ml 沸水, 静待两小时后就可以让孩子享用啦!🙂无论是在家,上学,在外寄宿或旅行也非常方便。


👍 让你在繁忙的生活中,也可以为孩子提供最有营养的汤饮!😀


材料: 谷芽、麥芽、淮山、芡實、蓮子、蜜棗和喜马拉雅岩盐(獨有的调味)。

净重:15克 x 6小袋


📶Survey found out that bad eating habits can cause 60% of children to have constipation and this will lead to child’s abdominal distension. Also, how can the children get nutrition if they refuse to eat due to abdominal distension? Hence, it is important for children to consume food that can be digest easily and food that can strengthen the spleen and stomach‼️

🔥 Food Art  SouperKid Healthy Appetite Soup specially formulated for children with anorexia.

🔴 It helps to strengthen spleen and nourish stomach function for better absorption


2 Major Features:

1️⃣ Convenient & Cooking-free Your kids can stay healthy anytime, anywhere

2️⃣ Selected natural ingredients and most importantly the naturally SWEET taste! It is formulated just to satisfy your children's taste buds with a sweet taste and less salt.


🔺Recommended for children 3 years old and above.

👍 Now you can provide your children with the most nutritious soup even in your busy life! 😀

Rice Grain Sprout, Malt, Chinese Yam, Gordon Euryale Seed, Lotus Seed, Candied Date and Himalayan Rock Salt (Unique Seasoning).


Net Weight: 15g x 6 bags


SouperKid Healthy Appetite Soup || 速宝儿开胃健脾汤