Snow Lotus Seed 120g

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Product Overview

Snow lotus seed is grown at snow mountain area. It is high in collagen, keratin, protein and amino acid. It is normally cooked as dessert, together with peach resin, goji berry, dried longan, red date, white fungus, and honeycomb sugar. You may also use it as a mask.

Serving Suggestion: Soak the snow lotus seed in clean water overnight. Remove the snow lotus seed from the water. Add the snow lotus seed with other ingredients in boiling water. Reduce the heat to small and continue to boil for another 30 minutes. Add goji berry and honeycomb sugar 10 minutes before the dessert is done.

Net Weight: 120g

Product Features

• Good for Liver

• Lung Nourishing

• Normalize Blood Pressure

• Reduce Cholesterol for a Healthier Heart

• Aids Digestive Health

• Help to Heal Wounds

• Anti-aging

• Increase Cell Metabolism

• Improve Insomnia Condition

• Lower Levels of Diabetes

• Slow Down the Formation of Fats in the Body

Snow Lotus Seed 120g