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XGB23822 【香聚宝】

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 食之艺新年素食礼盒, 无论从包装到礼品的配搭,都是经过精挑细选,再华丽呈现给各位。产品优质健康,绝对适合全家大小。绝对是【盒情盒礼】,让您【祈袋相聚】的礼盒。





  • 西马:1月20日
  • 东马:1月14日
  • 新加坡:1 月14日
  • 香港:1月7日



欲知更多详情, 请联系 / Whatsapp我们的客服 +65 9003 7720 /

A thoughtful gift pack from Food Art brings you and your family a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year! 

Hampers will be sent out after 5th Jan 2022.

Kindly take note of the closing dates for online ordering in the different locations listed below. 

Closing Dates for Online Ordering:

  • West Malaysia: 20th January 
  • East Malaysia: 14th January
  • Singapore: 14th January
  • Hong Kong: 7th January

**(Same-day delivery is available in Selangor area until the 26th of January. Delivery fee will be imposed)

Orders received after the closing dates, we will also do our best to arrange for delivery as soon as possible. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive the gift before the Chinese New Year. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 🙏🏼

For more information, kindly contact / Whatsapp us at  +65 9003 7720 /

🔎详细 / Details

份量: 6 - 8 人

Serving Size: 6 - 8 person

礼篮尺寸 / Hampers Dimension: 29cm x 20cm x 9.5cm (W x L x H)

1. 香聚一汤 - 3包

Xiang G E Tang - 3 pack

2. 特级花菇 - 30克

Premium Shiitake Mushroom - 30g

3. 精选特级姬松茸 - 15克

Premium Agaricus Blazei - 15g

4. 精选特级红菇 - 15克

Premium Russula Sanguinaria - 15g

5. 精选素鱼翅 - 15克 

Selected Vegetarian Sharkfin - 15g

6. 精选特级猴头菇 - 17

Premium Lion Mane Mushroom - 17g

7. 精选特级发菜 - 10克

Selected Premium Fat Choy - 10g

8. 精选特级孢子头金虫草 - 20克

Premium Spore Head Cordyceps Sinensis - 20g

9. 精选特级绣球耳 - 37g

Sulfur Free Selected Tremella - 37g

10. 包装与装饰
Packaging & Deco 

**Should a product be out of stock it shall be replaced with another of the same value


XGB23822 【香聚宝】
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