Yogurt Oat Berries Instant Beverage (Exp: 10 Jul 2021)

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Product Overview

Health Drink To Make You GLOW!

FOODART® Yo' Berries Yogurt Oat Berries is specially formulated as a digestive booster. The combination of yogurt powder, oat powder, berries, and white chia seeds provides rich nutrients of fiber, protein, and antioxidants, therefore it helps to increase the rate of metabolism, relieves constipation and aids weight loss. The addition of white chia seed loaded the body with Omega-3 fatty acid content linked to lean muscle mass, clearer skin, and a healthy heart.

Serving Suggestion: Convenient breakfast, post-workout recovery shakes, juice & smoothies, overnight oats, mixed with dessert, cereal & nuts.

Net Weight: 600g

Product Features

Yogurt Powder: Provides an impressive amount of protein and nutrients to support metabolism.

White Chia Seed: The ancient superfood rich in Omega 3, antioxidants, provide fiber, iron, and calcium.

Oat Powder: High in soluble fiber named beta-glucan, which has numerous health benefits. It helps to reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and promotes healthy gut bacteria.

Mix Berries: Contain antioxidants, which keep free radicals under control.

Fiber Creme: High fiber creamer with low sugar content. It is extracted from coconut oil.



1. 燕麦是一种低糖、高营养、高能食品,被称为家庭医生。燕麦能大量吸收人体内的胆固醇并排出体外。

2. 奇亞籽是一個可以增加飽足感的食物。奇亞籽有很好的吸水功能,吃到肚子裡之後,可以自行吸收水分,增加體積,進而提升飽足感。 奇亞籽含有豐富的膳食纖維,不僅不含熱量,不會讓血糖上升,還可以有抑制饑餓感的功效。

3.酸奶对肠道蠕动有很大的帮助,因此有利于排便。 酸奶还能产生饱腹感。



Yogurt Oat Berries Instant Beverage (Exp: 10 Jul 2021)
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