1KG Season Herbal Brown Rice Instant Beverage

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In line with the concept of a healthy diet, FOODART® Season Herbal Brown Rice Instant Beverage is formulated by combining Traditional Chinese Herbs, “Si Shen” with brown rice. It helps in strengthening the digestion system, nourishing the mind and improving appetite.

Serving Suggestion: Serve hot or cold based on your preference. It can be your breakfast to kick start your day or even a teatime favourite to refresh your mind!

Net Weight: 1kg 

Product Features

Barley: Dietary Fibre & Vitamin B-6

Euryale's Seeds: Dietary Fibre & Amino Acids

Chinese Yam: Potassium

Poria: Biotin, Vitamin B Complex, Organic Acid, Protein & more

Lotus Seed: Potassium, Alkaloid, Vitamin C & Asparagine

Brown Rice: Dietary Fibre, Vitamin B & Bone-Building Phosphorus

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1KG Season Herbal Brown Rice Instant Beverage
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