QuPurple Multigrain Instant Beverage

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Product Overview

FOODART® QuPurple Multigrain Instant Beverage is specially formulated with wholesome grains that have more abundant nutritive values, energy-boosting quick-fix meal, and daily antioxidant intake.   

FOODART® QuPurple Multigrain Instant Beverage is an absolute ideal beverage for optimal health as it is enriched with sources of quinoa and smoothen by other high anti-inflammatory phytonutrients Millet, Buckwheat and Brown Rice making this powder not only super delicious but with an excellent source of fiber, it is important for your digestive health. It covers the most part of your daily health requirements.

Serving Suggestion: Serve hot as a drink or even as thick soup for breakfast.

Net Weight: 600g

Product Features

Millet: Rich in minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium as well as essential vitamins

Buckwheat: High mineral and antioxidant content. 

Brown Rice: Source of Mineral

Wholegrain Oat Meal: Source of Fibre 

Fiber Creme: High fiber creamer with low sugar content. It is extracted from coconut oil.


1. 藜麦是最适合人类的全营养食品。藜麦作为营养丰富的一种粗粮食物,富含钙、铁、锌、硒、铜等多种人体所需微量元素的。

2. 紫薯富含硒和铁,这两者是人体抗疲劳、抗衰老、补血的必要元素,特别是硒被称为抗癌大王,易被人体吸收,可留在血清中,修补心肌,增强机体的免疫力。

3. 荞麦能够有效降低人体血脂和胆固醇,并且对于长时间在电脑前工作的朋友而言,还具有非常好的保护视力的效果。 


QuPurple Multigrain Instant Beverage
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